French Farmacie pays homage to the French and their simple "skin-first" less-is-more routines.

Pared-down skin minimalism

The secret to the French sense of je ne sais quoi — a philosophy that favors pared-down minimalism and classic simplicity. Our approach centers around reducing complicated steps and unnecessary ingredients to find balance, ease, and a natural glow.

French Farmacie skin minimalism philosophy

Our hero products are the foundation of a restorative and healthy skincare routine.

Sérum Radiant best face oil meets serum

Potent formulas rich in detoxifying and free-radical fighting antioxidants, repairing and brightening vitamins, and nourishing and smoothing omega fatty acids.

Sérum Radiant is a Holy Grail Award-Winner for "Best Face Oil" by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Science-backed formulas, developed in partnership with a Harvard-trained chemist.

Exceptional quality

We prioritize ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients and proudly hold the Leaping Bunny certification, ensuring our products are cruelty-free.

We believe bettering ourselves and bettering the planet are not mutually exclusive.

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Élixir Exfoliant shed dull dead skin cells


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